Imaging is a critical tool for the proper diagnosis of lower extremity disorders and Resurgens Foot and Ankle Center is pleased to be able to offer state of the art radiology imaging in all of our offices.  X-rays are performed by State of Georgia certified technologists that have extensive training in spine imaging techniques.

For advanced imaging, Resurgens MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Centers located are located throughout metro Atlanta. For high quality MRI scans, we use high field, closed GE magnets.

Teleradiology allows our Board Certified Radiologists to review the MRI scans in their reading stations as the study is being performed. If extra sequences need to be performed that can better visualize pathology, the extra scanning can be done at that time to avoid patients being inconvenienced.

Patient comfort is very important to the Resurgens' Foot and Ankle Center staff and we have MRI audio/video headsets that virtually eliminate any claustrophobic sensation. Patients are able to watch a movie while the MRI scan is being performed. 

All MRI technologists are board registered R.T. (registered technologist) who have been specially trained in MR imaging.